Watch or Download 애타는 로맨스 (My Secret Romance) with English Subtitles

Cha Jin-Wook is a son from a wealthy family. His family runs a large company. Cha Jin-Wook only pursues short term love. He meets Lee Yumi and changes. Lee Yumi has never had a boyfriend before.

• Song Jieun as Lee Yumi
A Daebok Company nutritionist. Very bright and a hard-worker. She doesn’t know Jinwook is the Director of Daebok, who she slept with, 3 years ago. She feels insecure about other people’s opinions and is also scared to wear revealing clothes. These traits occurred by her mother’s density for society.


Episode 1: 오늘만 보고 말 사이 (The One Night Relationship)
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 2: 넌 나에게 모욕감을 줬어 (You’ve Deeply Insulted Me)
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 3: 부침개 뒤집히듯 내 속도 뒤집히고 (My Insides Flip Like Pancake)
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 4: 보석함의 비밀 (The Secret In the Jewelry Box)
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 5: 들었다 놨다 (Playing With My Heart)
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 6: 갑시다, 일하러 (Let’s Go to Work)
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 7: 비즈니스는 이렇게 (This Is How Business Is Done)
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 8: 그대는 나의 뽕데렐라 (You’re My Paderella)
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 9: 나에게 진실을 말해 (Tell Me The Truth)
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 10: 다정하게, 안녕히 (A Tender Farewell)
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 11: I’m the Only One Who Can’t Date
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 12: It’s Time to Wake Up from This Dream
DramaFire (1) (2)

Episode 13: Happy Ending 🙂
DramaFire (1) (2)

credits to: DramaFire


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