Watch 첫사랑 불변의 법칙 (Immutable Law of First Love) with English Subtitles

Trailer 1
Trailer 2

Episode 1: A Man’s First Love
Episode 2: Love Triangle
Episode 3: The Fate of the First Meeting Begins
Episode 4: The Road to Love
Episode 5: Love is Fate
Episode 6: First Date, First Kiss, First Confession
Episode 7: Lovesick
Episode 8: Parting Ways
Episode 9: D-Day, 1,000 Days
Episode 10: At Least… A Conscience about Breaking Up
Episode 11: The Immutable Law of First Love

Interviews and Behind the Scenes
Interview 1: Meet the Leads
Behind the Scenes 1: Day 1
Behind the Scenes 2: Day 2
Behind the Scenes 3: Day 3
Behind the Scenes 4: Day 4
Behind the Scenes 5: Day 5
Behind the Scenes 6: Day 6
Interview 2: Meet the Supporting Actors

credits to: Viki

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